Blueberry Vape Juice 250MG CBD

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Our 100% organically grown, Hemp-derived Blueberry CBD oil vape juice has a delicious Blueberry flavor. Our strong consistency, smoothness, and irresistible flavor will make you love our vape juice. Blueberry Vape juice is the perfect match for your vape devices!

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Hempeli’s blueberry flavored vape juice is safe, organic, and lab tested. Our natural vape juice has 250mg of hemp derived Isolate CBD extract. Try some of our best tasting, strong consistency, smooth, and high strength vape-ability juices today!

Hemp-derived CBD vape juice is safe, quality assured, and non-addictive. Buy our 30 ml vape juice to try it today!
Our CBD vape liquid juice is the perfect match for your vape devices. Just add a few drops in and you’ll experience that “perfect cloud of pleasure.” The infused CBD may also help those with severe aches and trauma and realize a pain-free state. The added flavors are perfect for those trying to avoid the taste of CBD oil. The PG and VG used in our products will give that definite throat hit without causing any harm to your health.

Every Hempeli product is infused with organically grown American hemp-derived CBD, extracted from the plant via cutting edge technologies. This extraction method yields full-spectrum oils and isolates that are 3rd party tested for purity before creating our products. Buy the purest and most potent CBD products on the market.

CBD Dose

  • 33.33mg/ ml

Product Fact

  • Non-GMO Product
  • CBD Isolate

THC level

  • No THC/(not present)


  • Tested for quality and potency by a 3rd party certified lab.

Tip: Try different exciting flavors periodically to save yourself from “Vapers tongue.”

Blueberry CBD Vape Juice Product Details

Ingredients of Blueberry Vape Juice 1000MG Natural and Artificial Flavouring, Propylene Glycol, Food Grade Vegetable Glycerine, Natural Cannabidiol (CBD)
Blueberry Vape Juice Onset Time 1 Hour
Blueberry Vape Juice Lasting duration 3-4 Hours
Suggested Dosage Take 4-5 puff of our Blueberry Vape Juice 1000mg (approx. 5-10mg CBD)
Storage Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from excessive heat, and moisture in order to preserve quality.

How to use Hempeli CBD Blueberry Vape Juice


  • Enjoy 4-5 strokes of CBD blueberry Vape Juice per day
  • Use directly or mix with your fav e-liquids
  • Can be used in any Vape device or refillable cartridges

Why Hempeli Blueberry CBD Vape Juice?

When you buy Blueberry CBD Vape Juice from Hempeli, you invest in one of the most versatile natural CBD brands in the US. Our every CBD Product promises 100% pure and potent ingredients to possess many health benefits without side-effects. Every Hempeli CBD product is extracted from natural American Hemp Fields. Our blueberry CBD Vape Juice is tested twice to maintain the quality standards. You can add blueberry CBD Vape Juice to your daily routine to keep away from smoking habits, moreover to benefit your health. 

Our natural Blueberry CBD Vape Juice helps to maintain your good health by balancing overall internal well-being. Vaping blueberry CBD e-liquid when vaped interacts with several cannabinoid receptors to help to regulate various body processes relating to the internal homeostasis. Our CBD Vape Juice in big demand due to its benefits over smoking cigarettes. You can try our natural blueberry CBD Vape Juice to experience the world’s finest Hemp extracts mesmerizing effects.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee on Hempeli Blueberry Vape Juice

When ordering our 1000 mg blueberry CBD Vape Juice, you’re getting assured natural hemp-extracted CBD Product for many health benefits. You can buy CBD Vape JUICE containing a complete range of pure, potent, and high-quality hemp extracts. We offer Free-Shipping” on all orders in the USA.

Hempeli stands for its customer satisfaction. If by chance you aren’t satisfied with any CBD product, you can simply return your product within 30-days for a full refund. We stand by or natural CBD Products that are delivered on-time with the best customer service. Get on track for the fit & healthy body – shop more from our Hempeli CBD Online Store today!



Important information

Legal Disclaimer

Statements regarding dietary supplements and endurance have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat,or cure any disease.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.0453592 oz
Total CBD Dosage







Natural and Artificial Flavouring, Propylene Glycol, Food Grade Vegetable Glycerine, Natural Cannabidiol(CBD)
Onset time: 5-10 Minutes
Lasting duration: 3-4 Hours

How to use

Our CBD vape liquid juice is the perfect match for your vape. Just add a few drops in and you’ll instantly feel the overwhelming power that CBD has. Great for all refillable cartridges or vape pens.

Vape Oil Dose Chart

CBD Product: Vape Oil
Dosing Method: Inhaled using a vape pen
Recommended Dosage per Serving: 6.6mg to 50mg
Typical Concentration Range : 200mg to 1500mg



Can children below 18 buy Hempeli CBD Vape?
No, Hempeli vape juice is not sold to minors.
Who cannot consume CBD Vape?
  • Not appropriate for pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Avoid if you are taking Monoamine oxidase inhibitors(MAOI) medication, Non-steroidal, Anti-inflammatory medication.
What are safety precautionsfor vaping?
  • Keep out of reach from children
  • Always consult a doctor before using any new product or modifying your diet.
What additional benefits does CBD offer?
The products at Hempeli have Hemp-derived CBD, full-spectrum CBD, and 0 THC level. Hence every product is worth trying.


How Do I Track My Hempeli Order?
All orders placed receive an email with the order confirmation and a tracking number. Simply click on the tracking number to be redirected to UPS or USPS shipping info.
Do You Offer Free Shipping?
Yes! On all orders over $30.
Can I Make A Change To My Order After Purchasing It?
Sure! Simply send an email to and our talented staff will take care of all your concerns within 24 hours.
What’s The Order Cancellation Policy?
Once an order is placed you may cancel the order but there will be a restocking fee.
How Do I Contact The Hempeli Customer Service Department?
Call us at 818-391-8904 or send us an email at


What Sets Hempeli Products Apart From Other CBD Products?
Our rigorous testing on all products to ensure you only receive pure potent safe CBD.
Are Hempeli Products Third Party-tested?
Yes! On each product listing page, you can find those lab reports.
How Much Cbd Is In Each Product?
Each product varies. Some have 250mg and some have 3000mg. It depends on what dosage you are looking for.
What Is The Shelf Life Of Hempeli Cbd?
2 Years
How Should I Store Hempeli’ Cbd?
Store it in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight
Does Hempeli Cbd Need To Be Refrigerated?
Why Buy Hempeli Products?
Because we offer the highest quality CBD products at the best prices around.