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CBD for Pets: Benefits, Side Effects and Uses

cbd for petsSurely you have heard of multiple benefits of CBD for humans such as enhancing the skin, managing symptoms of anxiety, relieving pain, alleviating various mental disorders like depression, stress, and many other problems, and even could potentially help with attenuate symptoms of cancer.

Have you ever heard of CBD for pets? If not, then this is something your pets need to try out. CBD can be a perfect remedy for dogs to live an energetic-stressless life.

CBD for pets can provide you with various benefits for your loveliest member of the family, a life of less pain, anxiety, or discomfort. As organic solutions always deliver the best outcomes.

Does your pet suffer from anxiety or severe pain? Even after drugs, the condition is the same and got tired of such a helpless situation. In this article, we will be discussing CBD for pets- its benefits, side-effects, dosage, and uses. Scroll it, read it!

what is cbd for petsWhat Is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant. Oil made by Cannabinoid extract called CBD oil, that provides an effective solution to many health conditions faced by humans and pets.

How Does CBD Affect Pets?

Currently, there has been no scientific study on how CBD affects pets. Some researcher says that ingested cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid receptors located in the peripheral and central nervous system of the pets (dog). It helps to maintain balance in the body and keep it in a normal active state.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD For Pets?

Many researchers have performed experiments on animals who happen to share similar DNA to humans & dogs such as mice. Current studies suggest many benefits of CBD for pets like:

1. CBD  Alleviates severe pains of  Your Pets

A hectic lifestyle of a pet can sometimes lead to sudden injury or ensuing pain, CBD is a perfect remedy that may be able to reduce pains all over the body. By affecting anandamide & serotonin levels along with opioid receptors responsible for influencing the perception of pain, CBD can possibly help to alleviate any kind of pain or chronic pain of arthritis.

2. CBD Combat Anxiety of Your Pets

Like humans, pets can become more anxious. There are many things that can give your pet awful anxiety such as loud noises around celebration time, sometimes pet faces separation when the family goes on holidays, even clashing sounds of doorbells can be responsible. CBD has been proven to have anti-depressant and anti-anxiety properties can help to regulate the unbalanced hormones to reduce Anxiety.

benefits of cbd for pets3. Seizures

CBD is helpful in humans & dogs for reducing epilepsy or seizures. “CBD significantly reducing syndromes of seizures compared to placebo, with no adverse or side-effects” – reported by dog owners. Therefore, CBD helps to balance the hormones and affect CNS to reduce the fluctuation. This way CBD helps to reduce mental disorders.

4. Mobility

Mobility or a movement is an integral part of the mental & physical health of a pet but with time and constant exposure to the rigid ground would eventually lead to degradation. A study showed good comfort & reducing the pace of joint ache when administered with cannabidiol. CBD has proven to increase the density of bone mineral in the femurs & tibias of mice along with spinal cord injury. CBD also helps to block inflammatory flares that are responsible for driving disease & joint issues.

5. Appetite stimulation

CBD oil for dogs can be an amazing solution. Although THC is best known for restoring appetite by acting on receptors in the brain. In the same queue full-spectrum oil of CBD contains a low level of THC. Therefore, CBD oil can help relax and restore your pet to stimulate the appetite.

6. Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Disease is caused by an abnormal response of immune that leads to inflammation of the intestines. CBD with its anti-inflammation properties interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors in immune cells, thus, treating inflammatory Bowel Disease. Diarrhea, fatigue, gas, abdominal pain, blood in stool are some common symptoms.

7. Auto-immune Diseases

Such disease can take a variety of forms, including lupus, type 1 diabetes, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and more. Symptoms of the auto-immune disease can be seen such as muscle weakness, fever, abdominal pain, weight loss, swollen lymph nodes, etc. CBD can help reduce the pain and inflammation associated with most auto-immune diseases.


CBD Dosage For Pets

To ensure CBD Oil’s desired results, every pet needs a specific dosage. Although getting an exact dosage is not an easy task, but with proper guidelines, you can be up & running. Read the below-listed parameters of determining the dosage of CBD Oil for Pets.

  • CBD Product;
  • Pet’s Size;
  • Medicinal vs. Therapeutic

To determine CBD oil dosage and to prevent overdose, you need to take into account the above-mentioned parameters. Let’s say if you are giving CBD to your dog the first and most important is to judge your dog size for giving an appropriate dose of CBD Oil. It’s so simple, small dosages are apportioned to a small dog while a higher dose is significantly for a bigger dog.

The different products of CBD oil (treats, capsules, tinctures, Topicals, etc.) have specific requirements of dosage and it varies from product type. Just the same way, tinctures are taken differently from capsules.

So, the amount of CBD Oil given to any pet or a dog is dependent on the type of sickness that needs to be cured. It’s understood that minor problems can be treated with small doses while chronic illnesses are cured by higher dosages for a particular time period.

Note: A general thumb rule- 1mg to 5mg dose for every 10lbs according to your dog weighs. Even regardless of your pet’s size, you can start the lowest percentage of medicine; if it’s suiting, then increase the dosage steadily.

How Long Before It Takes CBD Effects?

You may probably wonder when you would start to notice CBD taking effect after you feed it to your pet. The effects depend on what conditions you are using it for. For chronic pain or inflammation issues, it may take a couple of weeks to show effective results after the daily dosage of CBD. But if you are giving for anxiety, it may take effects quickly within 5 to 30 minutes. Results may vary with the brand and dosage amount you’re using.

How To Use CBD For Pets?

As the popularity of CBD is increasing, the products are also expanding with time. For getting CBD wonders into your Pet’s endocannabinoid system, there are plenty of CBD products for treating your furry friends.

CBD for Dogs Treat-

The market provides a wide range of doggy treats infused with CBD. For an accurate dose, do check the label of the total amount of CBD per treat on the pack.

CBD for Cats Treat-

Delicious delicacies or CBD treats is a cat’s favorite food. It comes with 5 mg of CBD per treat which makes a perfect dose for your little pet. CBD treats for cats are a wonderful way to treat with cannabidiol and this safe snack will be a perfect gift for your furry friend.

CBD Capsules for Pets-

CBD oil also comes in capsules form. If it suits your preference, you can take this without any worry. These capsules are shaped like every other medication and offer various CBD’s unique benefits. Generally, pets refuse to take directly, if so, then better hide it in their feed.


This is the best product for pets because the tincture bottle contains a pipette for exact dosing. You can place some drops under your pet’s tongue or pour some drops into their food.


CBD Topicals are good when your pet suffering from a skin reaction. This is the perfect remedy for your pet to get rid of any skin disorder or pains such as allergies, rashes, hair loss or even arthritis, and many more. This can relieve your stress by curing your beloved pet.

Is CBD Safe For Pets?

CBD in its pure state is considered safe for pets, according to the 2017 World Health Organization report. Still, there’s some debate in the veterinary community regarding its efficacy.

Pets taking CBD may experience some side-effects such as drowsiness. While the proper dosage is essential and lethal overdose isn’t a risk with CBD. If any chance your pet does ingest too much, he or she might face problems like diarrhea, dry mouth, or dizziness.

CBD oil is considered relatively safe, it’s still important to do needful research and have a word with your vet. Not every CBD oil is created equal, so check the purity of the product to ensure it doesn’t contain a number of additives or additional harmful substances.

What does Vet think About CBD For Dogs?

Vet’s don’t have anything definite to discuss cannabis or CBD for dogs. It is because they have limited access to study potential benefits or especially the potential for harm. Additionally, the vet could face disciplinary action or even loss of license to practice if he discusses, recommends, or prescribe cannabis for their patients. So, probably you must have noticed why vet’s sealed their lips on such touchy topics.

In 2018 September, ‘Jerry Brown’ Governor of California signed Assembly Bill 2215 into law, making it legal now for California veterinarians to Discuss cannabis for pets with their patients. Still, they can’t prescribe or recommend explicitly, but they can at least discuss the way to use.

Can CBD Help My Disabled or Senior pet?

CBD can be helpful in a vet-approved plan for your pet’s health. Especially canines who suffer from persistent pain, inflammation, mobility issues, or chronic conditions that often come with age such as arthritis.
Let’s take a closer look at some major issues:

Pain Management

For a disabled or senior pet, pain management is the key component in their treatment for a better life. There could many reasons for causing pain- it can be by injury, surgery, chronic or progressive diseases. CBD helps to reduce inflammation in the body and energizes immune, thus making pets relaxed.


Inflammation is a significant source of pain in older pets suffering from chronic conditions. CBD helps inflammation by impacting with endocannabinoid receptor activities and interacting with a neurotransmitter that binds cannabinoid receptors for transferring chemical messages. Thus, CBD reduces inflammation.

Reduce Pain Medications

CBD is thought to enhance the activity of opioids and steroids. Making it possible to reduce the dosage of such powerful drugs for some pets without compromising on the quality of life.


With the increase in age of pets, they begin to show less in activities they once enjoyed, it affects their mobility. CBD can be helpful in mobility, as it can address both pain and inflammation. The lethal doses of CBD can improve a pet’s aging mobility. According to research, CBD can improve the immune system to energize the body, making it easy for pets to enhance mobility and their interests in activities.

What Type Of CBD Products For Pets Are Available?

Hempeli CBD products for pets are available in different forms but Consumption of the CBD oil for pets is depends on the respective pet and its problems.
Here are the most common ways to take CBD

CBD Cat Treats Chicken Flavor

cbd cat treats: chicken flavorOur delicious CBD cat treats is a favoriteCats. With 5 mg of CBD per treat our 100 mg jar is the perfect dose for your little pet. Made with real beef and chicken, our pure and safe snack is the perfect gift for any pet!

CBD Dog Treats Cheese wraps

cbd dog treats: cheese wrapsOur delicious CBD cheese wraps is a favorite CBD product for your  Dog. With 5 mg of CBD per treat our 100 mg jar is the perfect dose for your little pet. Made with real beef and cheese, our pure and safe snack is the perfect gift for any pet!

CBD Dog Treats Dog Bones

cbd dog treatsOur delicious CBD dog bones are a pet favorite. With 5 mg of CBD per treat our 100 mg jar is the perfect dose for your little pet. Made with real beef and chicken, our pure and safe snack is the perfect gift for any pet!

CBD Dog Treats Steak Bites


cbd dog treatsOur delicious CBD steak bites are a pet favorite. With 5 mg of CBD per treat our 100 mg jar is the perfect dose for your little pet. Made with real turkey and vegetables, our pure and safe snack is the perfect gift for any pet!

CBD Pet Treats Turkey Jerky

CBD Dog treatsOur delicious CBD turkey jerky is a pet favorite. With 5 mg of CBD per treat our 100 mg jar is the perfect dose for your little pet. Made with real beef and chicken, our pure and safe snack is the perfect gift for any pet!

Essential Dog Oil 1000 mg

big dog essential oil 1000mgHempeli’s essential dog oil is one of the most trusted ways to get CBD in your pet’s diet. All of our oils are 100% natural and organic and only made with the highest quality ingredients. Our Pet Oil is made with CO2 extracted CBD and is rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, amino acids, and fatty acids. In our commitment to providing you with only the best, all our Oils are third party lab tested for safety, potency, and quality. Free shipping and 30-day money-back guarantee on all products.

Is There Any Side-Effect Of CBD For Pets?

According to the World Health Organization’s report of 2018, CBD is safe, non-toxic, and well-tolerated in humans without showing major side-effects.

From the University of Florida, a preliminary safety assessment in dogs was issued in October, says: with an average age of 3.2 years, 8 healthy beagle dogs, were given 2 mg/kg of CBD twice daily over 12 weeks, through ‘ElleVest mobility chews’.

A veterinarian performed weekly physical examinations on the dogs which performed twice daily, the observations show minor symptoms of vomiting, distress, or loose stools.
Side-effects were rare, listed below:

side effects of cbd for pets1.Vomiting

Observation shows 6 times vomiting recorded over 12 weeks with an average acceptance rate of 96.7%.

2.Loose stool/ Gastrointestinal upset

The loose stool or irregular bowel movements are the most common side-effect seen in over 8 dogs, occurring 44 times or 3.3% of the time over 12 weeks of the test. This is the result of CBD intake and a natural reaction of the body to something.

3.Grapefruit side-effect

According to observation on sick dogs who were treated with CBD, their body reacts similarly to the grapefruit juice that means it altered liver enzyme levels. So it is indispensable to consult your vet before giving any medication or even existing medications should be reviewed when side effects are noticed.

Where To Buy CBD Products for pets?

Before buying a CBD product, ensure that the product source is hemp or marijuana plant. if you prefer good quality CBD hemp oil products for your pets than it will be more beneficial.
Hempeli, a premium hemp-based CBD company in the USA, offers top quality products with detailed labeling.