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CBD Dosage: How Much Dose Should you Take?

CBD DosageAs CBD grows in popularity, you may be curious about trying it out yourself.

Whether you’re seeking its non-impairing effects on inflammation relief, stress relief, sleep, or other emerging benefits, there’s no time like the present to give it a shot.

With the variety of CBD products on the market, it can be difficult to know which is right for you, and what is the best way to consume CBD for maximum benefit.

  • Should you ingest it in a tincture or consume an edible?
  • Is it better to vape CBD oil or vape CBD Juice?
  • How much CBD to take?

For determining the CBD Dosage, there are many factors that need to be considered such as – Bodyweight, Concentration level, Tolerance or level of pain. The commonly preferred dosage for starters is normally 5-10 mL and increasing it gradually to help induce desired effects.
It entirely depends on the product type to decide how much & when to take CBD doses. In general, taking CBD at night is highly recommended.

Below is a quick guide to the different options and how to take CBD in detail.

Let’s just Understand the CBD first-

Cannabidiol or CBD is a chemical compound naturally occurs in the Hemp or cannabis plant. It is the most popular cannabinoid because of its multiple therapeutic benefits, without producing a high or any psychoactive effect on your body.

For inducing benefits, CBD after consumption interacts with receptors found in the endocannabinoid biological system which helps to regulate various physiological and cognitive processes- such as appetite, sleep, mood, and light to severe pain- in order to promote equilibrium in the body. After getting inducted into the body, CBD allows itself to bind to the endocannabinoid receptors which probably help to mitigate bodily pains, increased appetite, reduces stress, and also improve sleep quality.

In the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp was given a legal status at the federal level and presently, hemp can be grown, purchased, and sold in the market, also natives across the nation can use hemp-based CBD products without any restrictions.

What are the Health Benefits of CBD?

CBD promises multiple therapeutic properties that offer various health benefits such as it is helpful in treating different kinds of neurological disorders like epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, etc.; various skin syndromes (acne, rashes, discolorations, etc.); and unbalanced hormones. CBD also helps in reducing anxiety & stress and improves sleep.

According to experts, daily usage of CBD helps to improve mental and physical health. It also reduces natural stress by reducing stress hormones and stimulating several good molecules which are called ‘Bliss Molecule’. By working as a stress-buster, gradually it induces sleep quickly and this way it cures Insomnia.

Research says CBD can help to alleviate pain by reducing inflammation. Inflammation is a body’s response to any system’s injury. It can show some rashes, irritation, swellings, pain, along with high fever. By maintaining body temperature and WBC count, CBD reduces inflammation.

Know-How Your Genetics Impact CBD Dosing

CB1 receptor

After going through the factors to consider for your ideal CBD dosage, now know how your own genetics can impact this amount.

Many people must have found mutations on the CNR1 gene, (responsible for coding the CB1 receptor). Any harm to the CNR1 gene can ultimately result in poor functioning of the endocannabinoid system, which is an important system of the brain while figuring out the dosage of CBD.

Below are some cellular-level factors that can affect the absorption process of CBD in your body:

  • Various substances can profoundly affect CB1 receptors. Certain lifestyle choices can impact how your body metabolizes CBD.

It means, for example, THC is responsible to increase the activity of CB1 receptors, while ethanol or alcohol                   leads to rising in expressions. So, technically, smoking cannabis and drinking alcohol may increase the effects             of  CBD.

  • Epinephrine and Morphine decrease the activity of the CB1 receptor.

It means, using CBD could benefit for those taking opiates with approval and guidance from their doctor. CBD             may help in decreasing opiate use.

  • Exercise and nicotine both increases anandamide levels, which is a natural CB1 receptor activator.

It means, ingesting nicotine might increase the effects of CBD.

  • Prolonged elevated glucocorticoids (such as cortisol) reduce CB1 receptor density.

It means people with a high level of chronic stress would need a higher dosage of CBD to achieve the effects                  similar to the people who are not chronically stressed.

  • DHA (an omega-3 fatty acid) increases CB1 receptors.
    It means, people, taking a diet rich in fatty fish would need to use less dose of CBD.

This is just a start to understanding genetics with the reference of the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). Before starting with any natural substance, it is advisable to know the complete information of the product and consult with your physician for any query or concern related to the CBD.

How much CBD should you take?

CBD DosageWell, there is no such thing as an accurate quantity of CBD Dosage. It depends on the various factors for determining a CBD dosage– Body type, Bodyweight, level of pain, and CBD Tolerance. Also, there are some other considerations that matter a lot – the type of CBD products & their different concentration levels. And importantly, not all the products interact with the body in the same way.

To determine the proper CBD Dosage, catch a glimpse of all the key considerations. In this article, you will also find a demonstration of how to measure the dosage for various CBD products with some potential therapeutic benefits.

Note: It’s better to consult with your physician before using CBD products if you’re a first time user.

Important considerations of CBD Dosage

Demonstrating the best CBD dosage depending on the following key factors:

  • Body Weight: A person’s weight often plays a very important role in determining the exact dosage and what amount of CBD affects the body. Generally speaking, people with more weight need a higher dosage to induce the calming effects of CBD, on the other hand, lighter people may easily feel the same effects with a lower dose.
  • Concentration: Strength or concentration refers to the amount of CBD in a given product. Concentration signifies the amount of CBD per serving, this is a bit different from dosage and always measures in milligrams (mg). Let’s take an example, a bottle of CBD tincture contains 30 ml of tincture and CBD concentration of 1500 mg. It simply means 1 mL serving holds 50 mg of CBD; which doesn’t mean the consumer is ingesting 1500 mg with every dosage.
  • Tolerance: Tolerance can be developed in CBD consumers over time, resulting in reducing effects for the same amount of dosage. With increasing time, you need to intensify the regular dosage to a higher dosage which may be needful to achieve the best result.
  • Desired effects: For several people, the optimal dose can help lower down the level of discomfort or pain from which they have been suffering. There are also some people with severe mental illness or chronic bodily pain who may need a higher level of dose to alleviate their problems. While a person with a milder condition may prefer a lower dose for mitigating their symptoms.

The easy to understand mentioned above subtle criteria can prove a better guideline for even a first-time user. For beginners, it’s advised to start with a lower dose (5-10 mL) and gradually with time, you can increase the amount of dosage for desired effects.

How to calculate the Best CBD Dosage in mg?

Refer to the table below to determine various dosages criteria based on body weight & effect level. These mentioned dosages are subjective to the nature of CBD consumption. It’s always recommended to consult your physician about the starting dose, for better results.

CBD Dosage Calculator:-

Weight Group Mild Effects(Recommended) Moderate Effects(Recommended) Strong Effects(Recommended)
Light (less than 130lbs) 11 mg or less 12 mg to 14 mg  15 mg to 17 mg
Medium 130 to 230 lbs) 18 mg or less 19 mg to 23 mg  24 mg to 27 mg
Heavy (more than 230 lbs) 23 mg or less 24 mg to 30 mg 27 mg to 45 mg 

If you are going with stronger doses than those listed above may be suitable for consumers with severe pain or other harsh symptoms, as well as those with high CBD tolerance. Not to worry, even if you’re ramping up your dosage, it won’t harm you because CBD is not toxic and does not carry any known side effects. Some observations have found that intensifying the dosage simultaneously can be the best way to experience the desired effects induced by CBD products.

Different Ways to Take CBD Dosage

1. CBD Oil Dosage

hempeli cbd oil and tinctureThese forms of CBD products have concentrated CBD Oil that is typically mixed with other food substances or can also be consumed sublingually (under your tongue). Generally, oils & tinctures come in 15 or 30 mL bottles. These similar products vary in terms of concentration levels, ranging anywhere from 100 to 5000 mg. To understand and determine the tincture dosage, it’s important to know the serving size 1 mL per serving, which is usually 1 mL per serving. Let’s say if a tincture holding 5000 mg of strength in a 30 mL bottle features 1 mL servings will probably provide you with 166.7 mg of CBD. As different amounts of concentration with different servings may yield many different effects.

It is advised that first-time CBD oil users should start their doses with lower concentrations & ramp up their CBD oil dosage gradually.

Main Benefits of CBD Oil:

    • Dosage control
    • Easy to use
    • Discreet
  1. Onset Time: Up to 2 hours
  2. Average Duration: Up to 8 hours

2. CBD Edibles

hempeli cbd ediblesCBD Edibles are products that can be eaten directly such as gummies, capsules or pills, etc. With longer onset time, the effects induced by tincture & edibles are more prolonged because they are ingested orally. Typically, effects induced by edibles generally felt within an hour of consumption, and the effects will last for up to four or five hours, depending on the strength of the product.

However, each edible represents one serving size containing a particular range of CBD concentrations which are labeled on every product package. Most of the capsules have concentrations ranging from 100 to 500 mg and while cbd gummies provide 5 mg to 100 mg Consumers who prefer moderate dosage find that breaking the edible apart yields the effects of higher dosages.

Main Benefits of CBD Edibles:

    • Longer-acting
    • Most consumption options
    • Healthiest Methods
  • Onset Time: Up to 2 hours
  • Average Duration: Up to 8 hours

Buying Guide for CBD gummies

3.CBD Vape Juice

Hempeli cbd vape juiceVape oil is famous among people for using a CBD vaporizer or a vape pen. The effects of CBD vape oil induces immediate results and produce relaxing effects for more than an hour. The duration of the effects completely depends on how long the user holds the vapor and how long the user inhales. Researchers suggest, for producing the longest & strongest effects, inhaling up to 3 seconds and holding vapor up to the 5 seconds would be the best way out.

The concentration of CBD Vape oils generally ranges from 150 mg to 1500 mg that is more similar to tinctures. Most vape bottles come with 30 mL bottles with 1 mL to 1.5 mL per serving that means the size of servings will range from 6.6 mg to 50 mg. Especially CBD Vape pens are designed with cartridges that are pre-filled rifles with Vape oil, the holding capacity of the cartridges may vary but 1.5 mL is a common size.

Main Benefits of CBD Vape Juices:

    • The quick onset of effects
    • Healthiest inhalation method
    • Variety of concentrates, terpene profiles, and CBD levels to choose from.
  • Onset Time: 5 to 10 minutes
  • Average Duration: 2 to 4 hours

Buying Guidelines  for CBD vape juice

4. CBD Topicals

hempeli cbd topicalCreams & Lotions, Salves & Balms, and other therapeutic oils are referred to as CBD Topicals. Preferring Topicals is a different way of using CBD. Topicals are applied directly to the affected area over the skin, resulting in soothing sensations in the applied area. These products or CBD never come in direct contact with the endocannabinoid biological system, rather CBD’s cannabinoids bind to the receptors through the epidermis.
Many people use it for multiple purposes such as to relieve joint or muscle pain or can help in burns, stings and other injuries. Many topicals come in the form of beauty products that generally contains antioxidants & moisturizers which can help the skin to restore & replenish.

CBD topicals don’t have any fixed amount of dosage because the serving size entirely depends on how much is applied on the skin. The range of most topicals concentration is 250 mg to 2000 mg. People suffering from high levels of discomfort or severe pain typically find that high concentration topicals work the best for them.

Main Benefits of  CBD Topicals:

    • Treats localized aches & pains
    • Effective on chronic pain issues
  • Onset Time: 5 to 10 minutes
  • Average Duration: 2 to 4 hour

CBD dosage chart:- 

cbd dosage chart

How much CBD Oil should I take for various Health Benefits?

Consult a doctor before taking CBD oil dosage for anxiety, depression, pain, and sleep. this is the estimate calculation of dosage for different health conditions for your help.

CBD Dosage For Pain

CBD Oil for Pain dosage can vary with the severity of pain. the dosage depends on the conditions of the person or intensity of the pain. People with normal pain start their CBD dosage for pain with a small baseline dosage between 10-20 mg a day. 

If they are suffering from chronic conditions start their CBD dosage with 30-40 mg per day. People with either condition can maintain their baseline of CBD Oil dosage for at least & days to notice how CBD is interacting with your body. Then, people can increase their daily CBD dosage by 5 mg every 7 days until they find the dose that works best. 

People searching for CBD dosage for inflammation can refer to the same dosage criteria.

CBD Dosage For Anxiety

CBD Oil for Anxiety dosage can be the same for beginners. Start your CBD dosage for anxiety with a small baseline dosage between 2 – 5 mg (twice or thrice) a day, which is 6 – 10 mg/day according to your severity. Maintain your baseline CBD Oil Dosage for at least 7 days. Then, Increase the daily CBD dosage for anxiety by 1-2 mg after every 3 days until you find the dose that works best for you.    

CBD Dosage For Sleep

CBD Oil for Sleep dosage can be the same for beginners who struggle with their sleeping habits. You can start with 15 to 25 mg of CBD per day. You can adjust your dosage by 5 mg of CBD with your severity after 3 days of start. 

Why can’t you overdose on CBD?

Yet, these are no established lethal doses of CBD, high doses up to 1500 mg per day have been frequently shown to be well tolerated by humans.

With any natural product, consulting with your doctor is very important before beginning a dosage. Some slight risks have been noticed with using high doses of CBD for long-duration, such as:

  • Dry mouth
  • Mild Low Blood Pressure
  • Sedation
  • Lightheadedness
  • Decreased Fertilization Capacity
  • Reduced p-Glycoprotein activity
  • Decreased activity of T and B cells
  • Reduced activity of Cytochrome P450 (CYP450) Enzyme

The most important thing to do before consuming CBD is research on possible drug interactions and consult with your doctor to address any required questions regarding overdose concerns.

Which Method Is Right For You?

With the many methods of consuming CBD now available, it can take some experimentation to discover which one is right for you.

Be sure to do your research. It is always worth the time to investigate which CBD companies and products have the best reputation and reviews. This way, you’ll save money and get the most out of your purchase.

Finally, every person’s body chemistry and needs are different. With any product, start with a low dose of CBD and work your way up to find the right amount.

Choose A CBD Dosage From The Trusted Brand

Figuring out the exact dosage of CBD oil feels like trying to navigate through a complicated maze. Various brands on the market can create confusion for consumers, but after taking a closer look it gets easier to choose the brand. Various vendors not only use different source materials but also implement different extraction techniques. So, to consider each and every variant of the company is very important.

For buyers, it is important to check the verified Certificates of Analysis or lab reports of products, or whether a company providing explicit labeling or not, the general concentration of THC level in each product, or if a seller is legitimate or not. To make sure you are buying genuine products from a reputable brand, these points need to be considered.

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